♥I love him
sex in your ears
bitches bitchin

I wish tumblr wasn’t the most boring thing ever now D;

I’m listening to my friends wedding CD and just letting go of thoughts I’m pretty sure have been eating my happiness.


Ey girl u ever seen a grown man cry over anime? 

Do u want to?

I guess I should go to sleep if I’m gonna wake up and take my car to the shop. I don’t think life should cripple me anymore. I can make this work; this life thing.

I feel like my personal surgery is beginning and operating on yourself is never easy.

Today at Panera, I got to work cash, which is always awesome since I’m good at it, and I feel like the time goes by faster. Plus, I was generally awesome being up front today. Idunno. if they kept me off of table service more, maybe I wouldn’t hate it as much. 

I just hope I can get the job at McDonald’s, cuz that way I can at least only work one day a week at Panera. c:

And two-three days at old navy and then 5 at mcdonald’s and lots of money my way :D

Life’s just a little too scary sometimes.

I’m really excited because I had an interview yesterday at a place called Which Wich and they seemed awesome to work for, and I also just got a call from the general manager around the corner from my friends’ apartment and she scheduled me for an interview on Tuesday for a management position at her McDonald’s.  And I JUST ISDNASUODIASD

I did awesome at Old Navy today, but not so great at Panera. Idunno why it’s so hard to work there without hating life.

you shouldn’t be surprised if you never see me online again because i hate the world now.

Follow back?
Anonymous creeper reporting in. I request permission to touch your potato.

that’s so strange.

I really need to find a stable job with hours again. ugh money never sounded so happy.