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sex in your ears
bitches bitchin

I put my two weeks in at Panera, didn’t wake up for my 7 am shift the next day until noon and have a messed up phone, rendering me unable to call them. So I guess it’s more like I just quit. Damn.

Also, my first shift is on Thursday at McDonald’s. I think they’re going to make me a department manager maybe? I kinda want to ask about that, but w/e -___-.

Old Navy is kinda being a pain in my butt, but they’re talking to me aboutmanagement too and I’m just looking at this plate of stuff and thinking my stomach isn’t big enough.

I had my interview at McDonald’s today and I really hope the supervisor hires me



and happiness

once more.

Today at Panera, I got to work cash, which is always awesome since I’m good at it, and I feel like the time goes by faster. Plus, I was generally awesome being up front today. Idunno. if they kept me off of table service more, maybe I wouldn’t hate it as much. 

I just hope I can get the job at McDonald’s, cuz that way I can at least only work one day a week at Panera. c:

And two-three days at old navy and then 5 at mcdonald’s and lots of money my way :D

I’m really excited because I had an interview yesterday at a place called Which Wich and they seemed awesome to work for, and I also just got a call from the general manager around the corner from my friends’ apartment and she scheduled me for an interview on Tuesday for a management position at her McDonald’s.  And I JUST ISDNASUODIASD

So Panera was good today c: First actual good day in a month

I did awesome at Old Navy today, but not so great at Panera. Idunno why it’s so hard to work there without hating life.


Also, I feel like if I had to quit a job, it’d be panera but maybe not idk >.<

cuz yeah.

 Old navy is promoting me and possibly paying me more and mcdonald’s might reinstate me as a guest service manager and ugh money is my life concern right now.

working two jobs might kill me >.<

except the money will be nice cuz i have 32 bucks til my next check and that’s sad :c

Maybe I shouldn’t start at McDonald’s again, but the guy said he could probably help me become guest service manager again, even if it is a different franchise :o


in other news, my car is scaring me. again.

My first shift at Panera is today in 45 minutes.

Why am I nervous ugh?

My interview at Panera went so well, I got the job immediately.

c: I go in Monday to fill out the paperwork and just ugh this is so beautiful.

So I’m super excited, because I’m getting promoted at work, and I also have a job interview tomorrow morning at Panera and just wow.


I’ve only been there since 11/16 and I’m just super excited c:

I hope I keep getting a lot of hours and stuff c:

If my managers like me, then I’ll be pretty set. I wanna stand out 

So today was awesome!

A customer gave me $5 to go eat lunch tomorrow basically as one of her 26 acts of kindness. She’s so sweet.

Even though I didn’t get any credit cards today, I still rocked, I think and I worked an 8 hour shift c:


that’s that shit I DO like