♥I love him
sex in your ears
bitches bitchin


wow there’s two new AP courses

AP Seminar and AP Research

the AP test for AP Seminar is a Group Presentation (25%), Individual Research and Presentation (35%), and a Short Answer/Essay Test (40%)

the AP test for AP Research is Research Documentation, Thesis, Presentation, Oral Defense

they are really stepping it up tho how the fuck they gonna have a group section on the AP test

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Doing research into my degree studies and hating life. Can I just have my masters and be happy?

I can’t wait to start college ugh


I have all of my classes picked out for my A.A.

I just sat down and figured out which classes I am going to take which semester. I’m going to be taking summer classes and probably about 5 classes a semester. >.< ugh.

I can do this.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.


me in school all the time

After taking two AP exams today, I’m exhausted. I just want to sleep but my teachers are still assigning homework :c

Ugh my stupid phone broke and I bought another one and then today I got my tux and I got a haircut and prom is in three hours and yeah this better be a good night cuz last night was shit/

I think I wanna take five classes this fall. Everyone is going against it, but ugh. I think I can handle it with the way I work and go to school at the moment.

I’ve written seven essays today ugh.

Ugh these projects are stupid

Why why why do I have to take pictures of myself with TREES?>

Fuck that.