♥I love him
sex in your ears
bitches bitchin

I’m so tired of dealing with stupidity.

I get so tired of trying to compete for a say in what goes on. Is it that hard to consider how what you do might affect someone else?

I scare myself on a daily basis.

I still think those bumps are there inside me and I’m really worried about my health at this point but I think it’s still dietary from eating then not eating anymore then eating and now not again. I’m scared everyday something is wrong with me because of Eric. I hate mentioning him. Am I broken? I said I’m not but do I look broken? Do I act broken? I just feel so far away and hurt and the only person who was there when I was crying and hurting was Emily and she’s gone too. Everyone’s fucking gone but you and kasey. And Dirito. She’s not gone. I don’t know how to let her in yet I guess.
I’ll figure things out. I know I will. There’s so much to do it’s like I’ll never catch a break but this is my punishment. This is my retribution and I’ll be okay.

Maybe I’ve forgotten how beautiful and amazing people can be. Maybe someone forgot to show me. But also maybe I’m just an asshole.

We don’t talk anymore and you don’t seem to care.A 10-word story  (via icy-brunette)

(Fuente: fkvn)

Passive-aggressive is totally the way to go.

I love waking up blissful and feeling empowered. It gives one the sensation of flying almost.

I literally hate my smile.

How much happier would people be if they woke up to sex?

Things are different now.

For every time I say I can’t control my emotions, there is a battle going on already to control them. And I stopped fighting it last night and lost it all.