Being single doesn’t suck.

But this shit is definitely not how I want to spend my holiday season.

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I guess I’m gonna stop fucking around, go smoke a bit, and follow up with some sleepncuddle with my sister cuz our lives make us both clinically depressed or something. 

fuck if i know anymore.

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I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to tell your boyfriend you love them forever and then show up to the party with your hands all over some other boy.

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Sliced my hand at work, but can’t get stitches after more than four hours 

Now, I’m like ugh, why do I smoke weed? Cuz I would fail my drug test. 


and sigh.

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I never get to touch a computer ever, because I am much too busy. However, I wish I could share my life with all of yours and spread my joy errywhurr~

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I on a date and then I got a flat tire and he pretty much hadn’t said anything. So damn -__-

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I’m listening to my friends wedding CD and just letting go of thoughts I’m pretty sure have been eating my happiness.

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I put my two weeks in at Panera, didn’t wake up for my 7 am shift the next day until noon and have a messed up phone, rendering me unable to call them. So I guess it’s more like I just quit. Damn.

Also, my first shift is on Thursday at McDonald’s. I think they’re going to make me a department manager maybe? I kinda want to ask about that, but w/e -___-.

Old Navy is kinda being a pain in my butt, but they’re talking to me aboutmanagement too and I’m just looking at this plate of stuff and thinking my stomach isn’t big enough.

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I guess I should go to sleep if I’m gonna wake up and take my car to the shop. I don’t think life should cripple me anymore. I can make this work; this life thing.

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My brother literally hates me. I just don’t understand his fucking logic.

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I had a pretty dang great day c:

I went on an (unsuccessful) adventure to the flea market in an attempt to find either a santa hat or something cool, got to hang out with the other half of my soul and my brother-type friend and his new pretty badass girlfriend. 

Afterwards, I hung out with Keri, Margie, Kevan, Jenn, Rhianna and a variety of Keri’s high school friends and ate at Mellow Mushroom. 

I dunno. It was a really great day, and I just admire Keri a lot. The way she goes through life inspires me quite a bit and I feel as if she helps me develop as a person a lot.

If I had to move in with someone, it’d have to probably be her and my soul twin. Tabby just completes the picture that is my life.

This has been, as always, a post.

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