♥I love him
sex in your ears
bitches bitchin

I swore it was getting better, fumes released and arms wide open. I’m wrong. Maybe it’s worse, maybe it’s inevitability will cause me to crumble.

His thoughts are never shared and how I worry every night as my head floats on this pillow of concern.

There are too many mornings where I wake up crying. Everything’s feeling just a little bit too hard for me lately.

Mornings are the worst. My dick ripped my shorts.

Mornings are the worst. My dick ripped my shorts.

There are so many words and thoughts I fear you’ll never know. I’m too scared to say or show, so I let my fingers guide their message in hopes you’ll come across what I’ve let out, these feelings that scare me. These feelings that keep me away from and still put me on the edge. These are the ones I fear you’ll never know because you don’t see.

It hurts to think I’m trying and you can’t even act like you care. I want us. Us is all I want. But maybe he just doesn’t want me. Maybe I’m just wrong. Maybe I’m not the one

Why should I try ? I try so much and it’s not getting me anywhere.
I’m so lost and you can’t seem to find me in this mess of things I’ve made. I don’t know what to do or say and I know now that I’m not enough for you right now. Or maybe I’m just too much. This still sucks.

I’m still giving you more than you can handle aren’t i? But what can you handle? I don’t know the line.

There are so many things I wish I could do with, for and to you. If only you’d let me.

What you don’t know, still fucking hurts.

I knew that reasons lied with me and not entirely you. How could I not have seen how badly I’d been messing up.

At times I wonder, is my brain okay?
Am I really as pure and loving as everyone seems to think or do I need to run away from these raucous ideas I have of myself?
These things I crave and desire, oh so different from your own, are probably the equivalent of your own secret desires, ones I may never know.

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